Braintree graduate and board member Mark Hess featured on "CEOs You Should Know," on iHeart Radio.

Mark Hess is the owner of Hess Industries, a 2016 graduate of Braintree, and current member of the board of directors. WMAN's Aaron Hines interviewed him for the podcast "A CEO You Should Know."

Mansfield SunDown RunDown alum Wizest featured in Forbes article

Because Robinhood makes money by selling order flow, it will always place the needs and priorities of the companies that pay for that order flow over the needs and wants of its users. Addressing this problems will give rise to a new batch of fintechs who will position themselves as “anti-Robinhoods”—firms dedicated to improving everyday retail investors’ knowledge of (and experience with) investing, and with business models that avoid the conflicts inherent in Robinhood’s model.

A good example of an anti-Robinhood is Wizest. The app enables investors to copy the portfolios of investment experts, and use a free simulator to virtually invest risk-free. As the platform attracts more investors, it will attract more experts, improving the portfolios available to investors.